Staring At The Sea

The sea is in some people’s bones; particularly, I think, in those of us grow up on island nations such as the British isles. My pull to the coastline is what seeded the idea for my still-unnamed fantasy novel. This blog draws together its inspiration in various forms: from seaside excursions, notes on coastal plants, local folklore and my own world-building. .

Ocean and sand


Superstitions and tales from the British coast and beyond.

Sand and ocean


Notes on world-building and excerpts from my upcoming coastal fantasy novel.

Clear water at the beach

British Coast

Excursions along Britain’s coastline.

And Tenar listened to the sea, a few yards below the cave mouth, crashing and sucking and booming on the rocks, and the thunder of it down the beach eastward for miles. Over and over and over it made the same sounds, yet never quite the same. It never rested. On all the shores of all the lands in all the world, it heaved itself in these unresting waves, and never ceased, and never was still.

Ursula k. le guin

About Me

Lover of, and aspiring writer of fantasy. Beach-comber and coastline wanderer currently marooned in London.

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